We create human spaces for brave conversation. Our mission is to build the mental health layer for the tech ecosystem. Founders and investors come together to transform the industry.


How We Started…

“Never again.”

The words that that echoed in the room, as she hit rock bottom. In late 2017, Cherry Rose faced a series of events that shattered everything she knew. In the span of four months, she found herself in a major car accident, losing her only sibling on Christmas, and her mum diagnosed with cancer.

Those moments became the darkest and hardest period of her life. How was she going to get through this? How could she be happy ever again? These questions plagued her, as she struggled with her sadness. Trauma and grief were constant companions.

During her grief, it was difficult to find mental health allies in the tech industry. Who could she talk to? Who went through a similar experience? It was then that she realized: That at the highest levels of entrepreneurship, leaders are unseen and unheard, especially founders like herself.

Since then, Cherry Rose is on a mission to inspire through storytelling. She believes that leaders, despite their rock bottoms, are to be celebrated. In the first wave of stories, 60 champions have gathered across North America. We celebrate the humanity and strength of our leaders. We salute you.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

Our Team

Committed to make a difference, our team is made up of an elite group of specialists. We are supported by industry champions and health professionals who advise us, along with over 20 volunteers. We are for founders, by founders.


Our Impact



Mental health is a human experience. It is universal. We capture the real and human stories of tech’s leaders, with a podcast coming in August.



People long for deep and authentic connection. We collaborate and speak at other events across North America, such as Fireside, CIX, and Collision.



We educate on mental health and emotional intelligence. We are the bridge between founders and VCs, teaching companies how to leverage brave conversation.

Our Values



We are stewards of our stories as champions of our lives. We communicate bravely and openly with one another.



We believe that every individual is whole and complete. We perform at our best when we lead by example.



We handle adversity through goodwill and harmony. We inspire others, while operating from strength.