What if we stopped being afraid of our experience?

We are the mental health movement for the tech industry. Founders and investors pledge their mental health stories as survivors or allies. Built for founders, by founders.


You are not alone.

72% of entrepreneurs struggle with mental health. Every founder has had a “rock bottom” moment.



30% of entrepreneurs have depression


27% of entrepreneurs have anxiety


Entrepreneurs are 4x more likely to have mental illness

12 hrs

The average CEO works 12 hours a day

Change happens when we share our truth.
It starts with a brave conversation.



For founders, by founders

We asked tech leaders to pledge their mental health stories as survivors or allies. They cover a variety of backgrounds and experiences, each with its own flavour. All of us experience mental health. These stories may be triggering. Please read them at your own pace or in the company of another person.


To those who are suffering:

We see you and we hear you. You are not alone.


Take a stand and #pledgeyourstory