Limiting Beliefs

Reverend Dr. Rain (Annie Lim) is a serial entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, speaker, coach, and intuitive healer. With a unique blend of entrepreneurship and spirituality, Rain has inspired thousands of individuals from across the globe on how to live a more soulful and purposeful life by stepping into their fullest expression. Rain created SEEDS Leadership and the Facilitator Development Program, Internationally-acclaimed transformational programs designed to overcome adversity by breaking free from limiting beliefs and shining a spotlight on our authentic selves to thrive as leaders.

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My husband and I have ventured into many different businesses in various industries such as nutrition, jewelry, telecommunications, tire recycling (yes tire recycling), e-commerce selling teddy bears online (yes teddy bears!), real estate investments, customer loyalty programs, and many more. During those times, I went through the hardships of feeling not good enough, that I don't know enough, not being smart or creative enough and having to experience debt which strained many of my relationships, especially with my husband. It was not until the last 10 years that I truly came to understand what it takes to create a lifestyle that works for an entrepreneur.


Being an entrepreneur for over 20 years, I have had my fair share of learning experiences from the success and failure of my start-ups. I have come to realize that it is extremely important for an entrepreneur to have a healthy balanced lifestyle and a fulfilled journey at the same time. I have identified two important factors that are truly important for an entrepreneur to create a successful and enjoyable venture.



Two Key Factors to Success

Firstly, I realize that I am responsible for everything I create in my life, these include the results in my businesses, my personal well-being, and my relationship with my husband, children and those around me. I am the common factor in all of these areas. When things went wrong in the past, I used to blame others and external factors for my results, thinking that things will work out eventually. However, it is when I took responsibility for my thoughts, my words, my actions, and thus my results that I am able to make changes in my life.  I stopped blaming others for what happened in my life.


The second factor is I began to discover some of my self-sabotaging limiting beliefs that have been planted in my subconscious mind.  I learned how these limiting beliefs have caused me so much stress, concern, anxiety, and a roller coaster of emotions in my life that affect my decision making and actions that impact my results. These limiting beliefs sabotaged my results so that I remained in my comfort zone. For example, one of my limiting beliefs was “I am not important”. Unknowingly, wanting to be accepted by others and the need to be seen as an important person became more important than anything and drove how I make decisions at times, and as a result, those decisions have cost our company a great deal.


Where our Beliefs Come From

You might have heard about the importance of our beliefs and how it affects us.  It is important to gain a clear understanding of how our core beliefs are created during traumatic or painful times, during times of loss or while we are experiencing shock and how it locks into our subconscious mind (our garden) and body together with the emotions we are feeling then. Unless we have fully expressed those emotions at that time, these beliefs end up becoming the driving force for creating our results. Imagine a boy who would be punished by his parents because he did not achieve 100% on his math exam and being constantly told that he is stupid.

It is during these times that the child might take on the belief that he is not good enough, and at the same time, feeling anger towards his parents for their harsh words.  The boy will begin to view his world through the perspective that he is stupid and not good enough because he took on this belief.  Any mistake made will continue to affirm that his parents were right about him.  He will unconsciously create events and draw people in who will show him that he is stupid.

Please note that this is just an example as the child could also take on a strategy to overcompensate his subconscious belief that is telling him he is stupid. The strategy could look like this: the boy will study hard and perhaps continue to study as a way to prove he is not stupid.  However, it comes from a place of proving which takes a lot of energy.


Results of Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs

When I started to recognize my limiting beliefs and began to let go of the emotions that were trapped in my body and subconscious mind, I began reframing them into new beliefs and my life started shifting in so many ways.


Personally, I felt more peace within and with that comes joy and love. I became less judgmental and more compassionate towards myself and especially towards my mistakes. I am able to make corrections without invalidating myself. Those voices in my head that used to criticize me were just these old beliefs that were planted in my subconscious mind. I became more accepting. I began to play more and be willing to allow myself to be supported by others.  

And as I began to shift myself, I started noticing that I am able to give more.  I became more creative and effective.  I am able to focus better.  My presence around others changed and they seem more engaged with me.  I am able to deal with stress and handle more.   I am able to improve my external results because of my own inner growth.


Typically for entrepreneurs, our journey is very focused on the learning skills and knowledge around us yet I have seen, heard and worked with so many entrepreneurs (including myself) who unconsciously self-sabotage their results due to subconscious limiting beliefs. So, while you are on a journey of creating and sharing your inventions, ideas, and creativity with the world, I invite you to begin the inner journey as well. When you begin your inner journey and start removing some of these unwanted limiting beliefs that are holding you back, you will create a healthier balanced work-life while enjoying your entrepreneur journey.


This is How We Do It!

In our programs that we run, we use games as a way to discover your subconscious beliefs. Games are powerful for us to learn about our behaviors and through our behaviors, we get to learn more about our point of view, which comes from our beliefs. While playing games, we get the opportunity to see our true behaviors since we might see ourselves differently. An example would be someone who thinks that he or she is a very trusting person and then while playing the games we’ve created in the program, he or she comes to discover that it was all in their mind.  They might have thought that they trusted others and themselves but end up not how he or she showed up playing the games.  Then, we further explore what causes the individual’s lack of trust to find out its root cause. This way, there is an opportunity to shift his or her relationship to trust and thus, shift his or her results in life. Trust, to me, is the foundation of success and without trust, it makes it difficult to create a solid foundation for any business relationship or personal relationship.


Things You Can Do to Help Yourself

There are other ways to gain awareness about your limiting beliefs such as writing down your thoughts on a topic; for example, money. If you were to write about “money”, what comes to your mind? This gives you an opportunity to realize some underlying beliefs.  


Another way would be when you get triggered; it becomes an opportunity to see what causes the trigger. In the program we run called SEEDS Leadership, we explore many of these techniques.


After you have discovered these limiting beliefs, an important key is to release any emotions that might have been trapped together with these beliefs in your body.  Forgiveness is an effective way to let go of these beliefs.


A More Positive Forward Looking Framework

Once you have begun to uproot your limiting beliefs, it is crucial to replace it with new empowering beliefs.  Two methods of doing so are to create affirmations that incorporate emotions and bodily movements and to create new actions. It is important to collect evidence of the positive outcomes of your new actions and celebrate them. This way, you will be reframing the new beliefs into your subconscious mind.


To sum up what I have shared, I have a simple analogy.  Let’s say apples are your favourite fruit so you decide to plant an apple tree in your backyard.  Unfortunately, you notice that you’ve been only getting oranges from the tree. You begin to wonder why apples aren’t growing.  Well, the reason is because you have actually planted an orange seed in the first place.  The backyard represents your subconscious mind and the orange tree as a limiting belief.  You may have wanted an apple tree, an empowering belief, but unknowingly planted the wrong seed.  


One must first uproot the limiting belief to plant an empowering belief in order to get the results he/she desires.  It is when we shift our beliefs then will we begin to the change our point of views that create our actions and results.

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